How about no?

School starts tomorrow so all I can say is..

I am SO not ready for school. The first half of the summer crawled by excruciatingly, yet at the same time pleasently slow. The second half of the summer sped by like a freaking fighter jet, because I was working so much and so much was going on it was crazy and I had no time to just unwind and chill. 

This is the first year where I am actually not ready for school and not wanting to go back. At the same time it should be a bit fun, we are finally seniors, the top of the food chain. So we get special senior privledges and get to rule the school. Though at the same time there is a lot of stuff going on. It’s our last year of high school, we have to apply for colleges, get good scores on the SAT and ACT, and ultimately get into a good school. It is a lot of weight on our shoulders. I just want to be free, with no stresses, no school, and no college applications. I mean sure I want to go to college to persue what I want to do in life but I’m just not really ready to start applying and getting ready to go. 


2 thoughts on “How about no?

  1. Oh god tell me about it. (Other than the whole SAT American schools thing and how you say college when we say uni etc) I see what you mean about not wanting to go back to school. This time last year, I was rather happy about going back, seeing friends, new lessons and so on, I guess. But now..,not so much
    I’m just tired :/

    Hope returning back to school goes well for you.

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