The wonders of being sick

I thought I had made it through the whole summer without getting sick for once but it finally caught me on wednesday! This is the weirdest cold I have ever gotten I think. My nose isn’t stuffed up and i’m not coughing a lot but I have a wicked soar throat and my whole body hurts and aches. My head is constantly pounding and whenever I stand up the pain becomes excruciating…I am feeling a little bit better this evening which is good because I have a super busy weekend. Originally I was cancelling my saturday plans because im sick and hopefully still keeping my sunday plans but one of my sunday plans includes going to a big music festival and my mom came to the conclusion that I was saving myself for the festival instead of the practice SAT I was supposed to take saturday and the babysitting I was doing saturday night. So now I am waking up early tomorrow morning to take the SAT then spending my afternoon doing work for my SAT tutor in between the test and babysitting, then I will be staying up late to babysit. Then on Sunday I will be waking up early for SAT tutoring and then will by then probably feel so sick and exhausted that I wont go to the concert. Yay! Ugh, sickness! I hope you’re happy mom! Sorry guys just needed to rant for a sec. 


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