Trying to write something meaningful

I have been trying for months now to try and write something meaningful on this blog, which so far has just consisted of rants and raves and random thoughts blurred between understandable and psychotic. My goal of this summer was to turn this blog into something better and more substantial than what it was. Why you may ask? I’m not quite sure actually, it just kind of struck me as something I should do. Well now, at the end of the summer, that has not happened. 

Then tonight I started thinking about my blog and how it started. I started it as a journal to try to understand what was going on as I was becoming more and more depressed. I also made it to try to find other people who were going through what I was going through because I thought that I was completely alone in the way I was feeling. 

One day I told a good friend of mine, who i confided in about my issues and struggles, about my blog. I told her that I wasn’t going to give her the link because it was my personal space kind of and she asked me why I was comfortable with complete strangers reading my blog, yet I wasn’t comfortable with her reading my blog. I simply responded “because I don’t know them.”

Anyway the point of all of this was the fact that I remember that this blog is kind of like a journal to me, and not everything you write in your journal have to be meaningful. Sometimes you can just write that you had a bad day, and that’s ok. I still want to be able to someday write meaningful posts on this blog, but im content with the fact that all my posts don’t have to be something meaningful. 


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