Antisocial and terrible

I dont even know what to say, I dont think I have anything to say anymore, nothing to write about. It’s not like it matters anyway. I just want someone out there to know.

The last week of school has been so terrible. I spent my lunches and most of my freetime just sitting in my car alone.

Maybe i’ll elaborate later, I dont know.


6 thoughts on “Antisocial and terrible

  1. Wait, are you already at the end of your school (err, do you have terms? I dont know what a semester is, but is it that?) because you said last week. Have you a break from school now?

      • Nope 😦 We have a quarter system but we dont actually get days off. We have our first semester from the end of august to mid december then the second from january to june. We get 2 1/2 days off school for thanksgiving in november, then we get a 2 week break for winter break in december, then in february we get a 1 week break, in april we get a 1 week break, then we have summer break which is from the start of june to late august.

      • :O (I’m trying to think of something to console you…uhhhh well here school ends at like, four for me. I think it’d be earlier where you are(?))
        Aw I’m sorry.

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