It left me speechless, the oasis
Where the roaring river ceased
to form a pool, sorrounded by boulders

The warm late summer sun reflected off the water,
Revealing a refreshing turquose tint,
beconning you into its cleansing waters.

The river continued to roar on both sides,
loud enough to drown out the voices in my head,
but quiet enough to focus on the world around me,

The rocky cliffs shot up on the other side of the river,
keeping the monsters at bay, they extend upward
as if reaching for the stars.

This oasis gave me life,
This oasis gave me relief
This oasis was my savior

The moss covered trees stood still,
Taking respite from the winds,
that had tried to kill their souls.

The stories this pool could tell,
the storms it had weathered,
not without its own scars.

It survived.


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