Whats Up?

Whenever someone asks me the dreaded question “Whats up?” I always say “The ceiling” Usually it pisses people off for a couple of seconds but It always diverts people from the topic so I dont actually have to say whats up, because they probably dont want to hear what’s actually up and at least that way i’m not technically lying.

It’s better than the dreaded “Hows it going” and having to lie and say “It’s going well” instead of telling the truth, because nobody actually wants to hear the truth. The truth would send them running in the opposite direction. ugh!


One thought on “Whats Up?

  1. Shake things up a bit with a pompous “Neverland.”
    Okay, okay I’m sorry. :/ it is a serious thing and I know what you mean. I feel obliged to say “yeah I’m fine” every single time.

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