Anxiety and Stress Dreams.

I havent really had a lot of anxiety issues for a while now…that is until this week.

Tomorrow morning I am taking the SAT, for my non american friends its a standarized test for college placement thats approximately 4 hours of test taking not including breaks and the first like hour of filling in information and stuff like that.

Anyway I have been having nightmares about forgetting stuff for the test and all sorts of other stuff making me either miss the test. Every time I think about the test it puts me on the verge of a panic attack.

Im so worried and scared and anxious and I have no idea why because the last time I took the test I felt fine. It’s probably because this is the last time I can take the test. All the practice tests I have been taking since the last test in may haven’t changed my score at all, it’s supposed to be going up but its actually just gone down a little bit. I know they choose the higher scores out of the two tests but even my higher score isnt all that great. 😦 Ugh.

I’m going to do terribly and my scores are going to be worse when they should be way higher. Grr I hate myself.


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