So stuff might be happening…

So some stuff might be happening…I casually slipped seeing a therpaist into a conversation with my mom and she said she had the name of a person she just had to get the number. She got the number and gave it to me on Tuesday. I’ve been very nervous about it since then especially because I have been having a relatively good week and weeks like this always make me doubt whats going on and always make me think its nothing and everything is fine.

Anyway I finally called today and the person didn’t pick up. Her voicemail said something about no new referals that rewquire like management or pre authorization. I have no idea what that means but I’m nervous about it. I’m really hoping she calls back soon.

I’m now trying to remember what her voice sounded like on the voicemail because it sounded kind of official and not really inviting if I remember correctly but ah I can’t remember anymore.

Ah, I’m so anxious about the whole situation. I mean what if its all nothing. I don’t know 😦


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