Happy Monday/Random Thoughts

I am just so exhausted, so angry, so fed up, and so done. I can’t breathe, I can’t move, I can’t do a damn thing. I am suffocating. Right now all I want to do is slam my head against the wall and split my head open and let my fucked up brain just ooze out of it. Disgusting, I know. Happy Monday.

I need to stop relying on a couple of my friends so much.. All they hear about are my problems now. I would want to strangle myself if I were them. I’m so fucking selfish to spend all their time talking about myself. I need to stop relying on them, I need to start being a friend. Its fucking pathetic, I’m fucking pathetic.

Well I have kind of been hoping I would start getting really depressed again and it looks like thats happening so I guess this is good…I don’t know.


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