Off the deep end


So about an hour ago I was feeling super depressed and shitty so I cut then took a bath. Then I put my PJ’s on and went onto the deck because the moon was bright and it was sooooo beautiful glistening on the snow. It’s 23 degrees out with 3″ of snow on the ground. I stood on the patio for a while, and then, all of a sudden, I ran! I ran into the ice cold snow barefooted. I ran around for about 5 minutes in my yard until i couldnt feel my feet, the whole time I was giggling like a 6 year old! Oh my god it was exhilerating! Then I stood on the patio and let my feet un-numb a little bit. Then I did it again! Oh my god it was amazing. I’m getting chills just thinking about it! Oh my god you guys should really try it! Haha I felt crazy and it was fantastic!


2 thoughts on “Off the deep end

  1. I must say: I can relate to doing interesting, crazy stuff like that at random moments. A couple of days ago it was pretty late and I went outside with a bowl of soup (leek and potato – it was terrific) and wandered around the garden. It was bloody freezing and I was all “Hell, I’m alone” so I took my coat off and really felt the wind smash into my body. 45 minutes I spent out there. It was beautiful. Stars everywhere. The moon peeking behind a big tree.
    *sending Internet hugs and crumpets* I do hope you’re all right. I care, yeah.

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