The last few days…

The last few days have been tough…

All of a sudden I became very depressed Wednesday afternoon and it has persisted ever since. I have also been more angry since then too…While all of this is all very usual to me it really sucks and is kind of devastating because I thought the medication was working and making me feel at least somewhat better and now it seems like it’s doing absolutely nothing again. Now I’m scared that medication isn’t going to work and I’m just screwed or something…all I want to do right now is cut and scream and I just want this medication to work.

I was hoping today would be a bit better because I was able to sleep in a bit later but today I discovered that my car, which was damaged (which wasn’t my fault), has structural damage to it which we thought was just body damage. This means that it is going to be twice as expensive to fix and take at least the next 2 weeks. Which is just shitty all around…I’ll get around to explaining that story soon hopefully.

And of course all of this shit happens during the week that I don’t get to meet with my therapist. Usually we meet once a week but she couldn’t meet this week so we are just meeting in another week.

I also haven’t really felt super depressed since I began meeting with my therapist, thanks to what I think was just a long month and a half to two months of luckiness. So of course I get very depressed again when we don’t meet.

I don’t know…maybe the medication will work soon, my medications person said we won’t really know if it’s working or not for 6 weeks and I’ve been on it for 4. She also said anti-depressants are also a lot of trial and error and it often takes a few meds until you find the right one, but I’m not feeling very hopeful at the moment :(. Anyone have experience with the medication process?

Ugh I just want the meds to work!


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