Third time’s the charm?

Welp, the Zoloft didn’t work very well so now I am trying Cymbalta…maybe third time is the charm with this one. The SSRI meds werent completely working and I am still exhausted all the time and pretty depressed but I was less angry and was much more calm so they worked a bit. Cymbalta supposidly targets multiple neurotransmitters which should hopefully help more.

I know that finding the right anti-depressant is a lot of guessing but im kind of discouraged at the moment and I am just so exhausted I cant take it.

I have also had zero inspiration to do anything creative for weeks to months now, I have no desire to pick up my camera or write anything and its driving me crazy. I want to sell my cameras right now because I have no inspiration or desire to take pictures.

I am so god damn tired and I just want to sleep for a week.


10 thoughts on “Third time’s the charm?

  1. Finding a medicine that works can be really difficult. I suffer from depression and am also working on trying to find a medicine that works. Just don’t stop fighting. By deciding to try all these medicines you’re fighting, and that fight proves something about your mentality. Keep at it and I know you’ll find the right one. And in regards to creativity, I struggle with this ALL THE TIME. As a writer and musician, i go months often without creating anything, and it gives me a real lack of purpose. I feel like I’m just going through the motions of my life and doing nothing productive (even when in reality I’m doing a lot sometimes). It’s part of the depressive and creative mindset. Inspiration will find you, often when you least expect it. Don’t sell that camera yet.

    I run a blog on mental Illness called “Dear Hope”, join the community here:

    • Thank you very much for the kind words, I’m really hoping ill be able to find the right one.You’re blog looks great, just followed.

      Side note, its nice to see other guys blogging about depression who are in a similar boat as I am. Seems like when most people think about depression they think of women and not men which can add to the isolation.

      How many medications have you tried so far if you don’t mind me asking?

      • I’ve fought depression for 8 years now but only recently decided to start trying meds. (last november) So far I’ve stuck with prozac and am at 40mg, but I might end up switching soon because i’m still having lows every now and then that are kind of drastic. So i’m still on my first. But I have a lot of friends who have tried a lot and stuck with it and it really helped them. So I’m hoping that one day I’ll find mine, for now I’m just in the waiting game and exercising myself in other ways.

      • I’m glad the Prozac is helping you a bit at least! Yeah, i’ll stick with it, i’ve got nothing to lose at this point, I hope I find the right one too! It’s getting really hard to function. I hope you find the right one for you!

      • I’m glad you’re sticking with it, and I gave your blog a follow. I didn’t see your name pop up on my followers list you might have missed the confirm email or something. But I look forward to your insight and openness from another man who faces these problems, you’ll be a great addition to the community I’m trying to start on the blog. I look forward to talking more in the future. You’re not alone, never forget that.

      • Thank you very much. I didn’t get a confirmation email but I just unfollowed and refollowed it, did you get a notification? I’m glad to be apart of your community and I also look forward to talking with you in the future. Thank you!

  2. Your tiredness sounds so debilitating and frustrating, many of us also experience this. Sometimes other thins go on in the body related to depressive feelings and that can drag you down like this. Hoping this passes soon for you. Getting energy back takes time. Try looking for other inspiration sources. I like to read or just stop and listen to music and let myself fall in and out of sleep as needed.

    • Yeah, I have been experiencing the exhaustion for two years now and it is one of the most debilitating parts of my depression. Thank you for the ideas! I listen to lots of music which has always been relaxing for me. Thank you for the thoughts.

  3. I totally see what you mean on the wanting to sleep for a week thing. In fact, that’s what really stuck out for me. Summed up my thoughts exactly. *hugs/crumpets* On the bright side, you’ve updated your blog (was wondering how you were!), and true functioning is difficult but hang in there.

    • Yeah, it would be very nice. Hopefully you can get a break like that soon *hugs* *eats all the crumptets* .Yeah at least I updated my blog! It is really hard to function, im trying to hang in there. 😦

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