Oh, What have I done

Oh god what have I done? Last week I spent half of my savings on a new camera. I bought a Sony A7 mark 2. I spent half my savings on this new camera. Oh my god what was I thinking. It was kind of a spur of the moment think and I just bought it. Its so expensive and its not like I need it or anything. My old camera was perfectly fine. I really should be saving all my money for later on.

This is the comparison between my old camera (The canon 60D) to the older version of my new camera (The sony A7)


The A7 mark 2 is the newer rendition and is even better than the original A7. It’s nice and new and it has a way better sensor than my old camera but oh my god its so expensive! I spent 2,266$ on it! Thats just over half my savings. If I sell all my old camera gear it will only cost me between 1000-500$ but its still so expensive adn I dont really need it!

My therapist thinks I should keep it and thinks that I have earned it and stuff but oh my god im freaking out. I should be saving all my money, especially considering I might stop working soon. I feel so guilty, what have I done!


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