Nothing is working

This week has been a really great and crappy week at the same time, it has had a lot of ups and downs. I commited to my favorite college. At times this week I havent been able to stop myself from smiling while during other I felt so hurt and broken. Ugh this is awful. The meds that im on arent working and nothing is working at all. I want to cut so badly right now. For some reason this week I have also felt so vounerable, things like teachers telling me im doing something wrong has all of a sudden made me feel so god awful. I have also been reading this book that is a really good book but there is a character in it who cuts profusely to cope with PTSD and depression which has kind of been triggering but its such a good book.

Nothings working and I feel so hopeless and so angry.

I’m sorry for the incoherentness of this post.


3 thoughts on “Nothing is working

  1. Dealing with the same kinda issues. Hang in there tho & if u need someone to chat to hey I’m here!!! Btw what book are u reading? *This too shall pass.”

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