Venting to friends

I vent to my two best friends way too much and im sure they are so sick of it now. They are the only two people who really know EVERYTHING about me and my issues and they have been so amazing to me I honestly dont deserve them. They were the ones who pushed me to go to therapy and stuff and they helped me and made me feel reasonable. I’ve always been scared of leaning on them too much and worrying that they will get sick of me and I always feel like they secretly hate me and just pity me. They are in college now so i only really talk to them through facebook and I have been venting to them over the last couple of days because they are the only people who I feel I can really talk to besides my therapist and they haven’t been responding all that much and I swear that they are so sick of me and just dont want to deal with me anymore. I’ve leaned on them too much, i’ve been to selfish, they deserve better than me and should leave me. I’m so sorry


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