Diagnosis Change

Well after my meeting with my psychiatrist today I have had a diagnosis change. Since the beginning my therpaist and psychiatrist had suspicions that what I had wasn’t just depression but instead bi polar 2 because I had some mood swings but we decided to start with some anti depressants first and see. Well now that the third anti depressant didnt work well and made my mood swings way worse we have decided that I probably have bi polar 2 instead of depression. So now we are trying a mood stabilizer called Lamictal.

My psychiatrist said that a lot of times people with bi polar 2 can be diagnosed as just having depression in the beginning and the diagnosis is shifted when the anti depressants dont work. She also said that it seems like half the time my hypomania is shown in anger/iritabillity and half the time as feeling calm/ feeling like things are going good, which sounds about right to me. I have phases where im happier and things feel better and times where I am incredibly angry for no reason…and a lot of time where I am depressed. So I think my diagnosis has been changed to Bi polar 2 but I’m not sure yet…heres to hoping this medication works. Has anyone else with bipolar 2 been through something simillar where they were originally diagnosed with depression?

I don’t really know what to think.

2 thoughts on “Diagnosis Change

  1. As someone who has hopes around from diagnoses back and forth, I find it helpful to think of the diagnoses as an arrow pointing at my symptoms but not a definite answer. One doctor may diagnose you with A another with B, but those are just guidelines. I have learned to focus on myself as a whole person because struggling to fit inside a box was unfair to me. None of us are diagnoses because we are all special, unique and better because of it. This seems like a ramble as I post this, but u hope it helps just a small bit.

    Wishing you well.

    • Thank you very much! It isn’t a ramble! That advice is actually quite helpful. Often times I like to be completely certain about things and I need to work on not trying to classify myself to be certain.

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