My favorite musician has bipolar disorder.

Ironically, yesterday, a day after my diagnosis of bipolar disorder type 2, I found out that one of my favorite musicians Michael Angelakos from Passion Pit has bipolar disorder type 1. Finding that out then was kind of uncanny but in a good way. It makes me feel like I am not alone. Granted he has bipolar 1 and talks a lot about his full blown mania and mixed episodes, which I dont experience because I have type 2. It still makes his music more relatable than it already was for me. He was also diagnosed at 17, the same age I am. I just thought it was really cool and the timing was perfect. Some of the stuff he says about mental illness is so true and incredibly relatable too.

One day I hope I can be transparent about what im going through…One day I’ll have those guts:

Some of the articles I found:

Full feature on him and his Bipolar disorder, I highly recommend the read:
He has been hospitalized multiple times and has had multiple suicide attempts.

It’s just so nice to know that you are not the only one.


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