The saddest book in the world

Holy crap, I just finished the sddest book in all of existance. I honestly just want to curl up in my closet and cry for 2 days straight. Sadly I cant cry though because I honestly cant, it just gets bottled up inside me like all my other emotions, fuck you bipolar. So instead of crying I just kind of sit there brain dead, feeling like I cant breathe or speak. What I would give to just be able to fucking cry.

Anyway oh my god it is the saddest book in the world, wow.

That sounds weird, saying “fuck you bipolar” instead of “fuck you depression.” Is that something people say or do people only say fuck you depression? People with bipolar let me know if people say that. Sounds stupid just to ask but im curious.

In case you were wondering the book is called A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. Its a beautiful and incredibly sad book…and long. 724 pages. What an amazing yet insanely sad book.


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