Really Great

It’s been a really great few days. Im currently titrating up on my Lamictal and went from half a pil to 1 pill on Monday and I felt pretty good on Tuesday and everything just got better. It was my 18th birthday yesterday and I just felt so loved it was amazing, I loved everyone and I couldn’t stop smiling. Today has also been a really amazing day! I was on fire in calculus class and getting all the questions right and knew what to do when other people didn’t and even getting stuck in awful traffic on my way to work, which made me 30 minutes late, couldnt bring me down. I’m just jamming out to awesome music and I am so freaking happy! I just want to run and scream and dance and go on adventure somewhere crazy. I think I might wake up at like 5:30 tomorrow morning to go running or biking before school!

Pretty sure im going into a hypomanic phase right now? Now that i’ve been diagnosed bipolar im starting to recognize the mood swings more I think.

Oh and I also think that my clothes/look is on point right now! 😀


2 thoughts on “Really Great

  1. 🙂 🙂
    And happy belated birthday! I was about to be all “now you can drive” but I just remembered that a) you can and b) your laws are different XD

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