I butchered it!

Well yesterday was kind of an interesting day. I’m currently working on my senior project at a news station because I would like to become a TV meteorologist some day. Anyway yesterday I did a demo forecast in front of the green screen. I hate public speaking and being in front of a camera so its pretty much a nightmare for me, but it is something I have to get better at if I want to follow my dream. So I did the demo reel and oh my god I butchered it, I stumbled over my words and using the green screen was confusing. Ugh its awful its so bad but I have to put it into my senior project presentation and show it to people but I soooooooo dont want to.

I need way way way more practice. I did think of ways to improve and practice in order to get better at doing forecasts in front of a green screen. I figure I will record myself doing forecasts more and more just audio so I can practice the talking aspect of it. As for the green screen that will probably have to wait a while before I can really practice it. So I figure if I show the video I can talk about those ways to improve and stuff like that but agh its so bad I really dont want to show it!


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