Evil irons, Concerned for a friend, Senior project presentations, and finally seeing my therapist again!

Well here is a life update cause I haven’t posted in a few days, I think, i’m too lazy to check.


MOTHER FUCKING IRONS! THEY ARE EVIL!!! I was ironing a shirt for my senior brunch this weekend and I burned two of my fingers, one of them kind of bad. This is what it looks like 5 days after it happened, looks way better than it did a few days ago but its not awful but it hurt like hell and will probably scar, and I like scars, except for when they’re obvious that they are due to cutting.


It sticks out from my finger quite a bit so its fun to play with if that makes sense, it only sounds kind of creepy right? đŸ˜› While it hurt like hell at the same time the pain felt good. Much stronger than cutting.


I have a friend who has been going through an incredibly rough time lately with frequent and sometimes constant panic attacks, pretty severe anxiety, and is anorexic. I love her to death and she is such a great person and im trying to get her the help that she needs but i’m the only person that she trusts 100%. I’ve been spending tons and tons of time with her too because i’m the only one who can really calm her down too. For example, Saturday night she was panicking pretty badly so I picked her up and spent a few hours with her talking about life and calming her down. Anyway I am really concerned about her and she only has a few months to try and figure out and get help before she goes to college and she really needs help.


Senior project presentations! As you guys may or may not know I spent a couple of weeks in NE Indiana shadowing a group of TV meteorologists as I want to pursue meteorology as a career when I grow up. This week at school I had to do a 12-15 minute presentation on it and I hate public speaking so i’ve been pretty nervous but I did it today and everyone said I did really well so its done!!!


After like a month I finally got to see my therapist again which is so great! We talked about a lot of stuff and it was really really really nice.

P.S I’ve been at 150mg of Lamictal for about a week and a half now and have been on it for a few months and i’ve still been feeling better than usual so MAYBE just maybe the medication is working and im not in a hypomanic phase right now. ah fingers crossed. But part of it is probably because i’ve been doing cool things over the last few weeks and haven’t been in school so that helps.


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