Graduating from high school, all night parties, and glasses

Well, I graduated from high school yesterday, and I didn’t trip while getting my diploma, HURRAH! I didnt think I would get really sad as I graduated but I actually did. It will be difficult leaving the group of 70 smart and talented people I have been going to school with for the last 7 years. Going to a new place next year is getting pretty scary for me. Anyway it was a really great graduation and it was great being with my friends, I love them so much and am going to miss them.

After graduation we had an all night party planned and hosted by some parents. We went to the beach which was super chill and fun.
Then we went to a big trampoline place and pretty much just jumped around a ton. AND THERE WAS COFFEE!!! I had 5 cups of coffee in the process of last night.

After that we went to this cool little venue in SoDo and had a little casino night thing. Then drove back right after sunrise.

I slept from 6am to 12:45 which I think might really screw up my sleep schedule, we’ll find out.

So for the last month my right eyelid has been twitching like crazy so I called the eye doctor and it turned out I needed to get another eye exam anyway so I went. The first time I went I had a bit of astigmatism which was evident in me getting lots of headaches but they weren’t frequent enough or bad enough for glasses. Well they’ve been getting worse and more frequent so now I’m getting glasses sometime this week. I kind of feel stupid getting glasses because my vision is pretty good but I don’t know. I’m hoping they might help with the headaches and my light sensitivity. My prescription says im supposed to wear them full time but i don’t know I feel like it would be stupid to wear them all the time…so many weird, stupid¬†uncertainties


2 thoughts on “Graduating from high school, all night parties, and glasses

    • I’m going to the university of Utah! Nah, the though of touching my eyeball seems creepy and my vision is pretty good so the lenses won’t be doing a ton of correcting. Only like -.50 for astigmatism so far. My prescription is for full time wear but I don’t think I’ll actually have to wear them full time, but I don’t know glasses very well.

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