Manic with glasses

Well I think im manic right now, making big plans, having strong urges to spend lots of money, and not wanting to sleep. I REALLY didn’t want to sleep last night but eventually forced myself to and I dont want to sleep tonight either.

I got my glasses today. I kind of feel like a wuss for wearing them cause they are only for mild astigmatism. For those who know glasses I only have like -.5 of astigmatism and my axis is like 5-10 degrees off. But I tend to get lots of headaches and my eyes hurt sometimes so hopefully these help. They actually look really good on me and I have been getting compliments on them all day. I would post a picture of me in them but I kind of like the anonymity of this whole blog, but take my word for it, they look really good! 🙂 Anyway while they aren’t huge corrective lenses they are really nice because they do make things clearer and crisper. Apparently a lot of edges of things I was looking at were/are slightly fuzzy. Like all edges and stuff are a lot crisper and clearer now which is super nice even though I can see fine without them. When I took them off this evening when I was on the computer it actually hurt for a few minutes to look at the screen and read stuff and I could feel my eyes straining to read too. Like I said I kind of feel like a wuss for wearing them but they look really good on me and it makes things a bit crisper which is nice so I guess i’ll wear them. Gah I still feel stupid for wearing them!


2 thoughts on “Manic with glasses

    • Yeah, Thanks for the advice. I think i’m going to wear them all the time cause they look good on me and the clarity is really nice and hopefully I wont get headaches anymore. They also make everything and all edges a lot more defined. It is interesting because in some lighting and situations I cant really see a huge difference between the two and then in other situations and lighting I notice a big difference.

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