If you are a quote lover: Day 1

I was nominated for the “If you are a quote lover” challenge by the ever so wonderful Victoria over at The Emptied Notebooks who has such great writing, go check her out! I love quotes but there are so many quotes that I love so this might be quite difficult! We’ll see!

For the first day I am going to be lame and just use my senior quote. I love this quote just because it speaks to my love of nature, the sea, and the weather. It makes me think about tuning in more to the little things that this planet has to offer.

Other things being roughly equal, that man lives most keenly who lives in closest harmony with nature. To be wholly alive a man must know storms, he must feel the ocean as his home or the air as his habitation. He must smell the things of earth, hear the sounds of living things and taste the rich abundance of the soil and sea.”

– James Michener

Oh my goodness and now for nominating! I want to hear everyone’s favorite quotes, I love quotes!

Anyway here are my actual nominations!




Yay for quotes!


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