The Younger Years

I have been away from my computer for the last few days spending the weekend at my friends beach house but anyway I saw The Emptied Notebooks response to this writing prompt and it reminded me of my own early childhood so I wanted to write a bit about it, even a few days late.

A sudden move, 8,000 miles away but still 3,000 from home, was just the beginning of a long and arduous journey through life. My childhood wasn’t like many others. After my brother was diagnosed with autism when I was 4 we quickly moved back to the states from my dads job in Singapore. We moved to Seattle because it had the best care for kids with autism. This whole move happened in under a month. While we were back in the states we were still 3,000 miles from our home outside New York City, our friends, the house we built. We did it for love, we did it to make a difference.

At school, my life was as normal as any others, but when 3:15 rolled around, there was nothing normal about it. Off we went to various therapy sessions for my brother, often eating dinner in the car between sessions. My sister and I didn’t quite understand why we spent all of our time at therapy sessions for my brother, because we didn’t have to go to the same therapy sessions. While we sat in waiting rooms, my father worked, constantly. From living in his office, on airplanes, and in hotels on the other side of the planet. He wasn’t around much in order to provide for our family and the expensive bills for my brothers treatment.

In the younger years the only people I truly had were my mom and my sister, who shaped who I was. When we were home on weekends my sister and I would go on adventures. Sailing through the ocean on our tree house, or spending time in Fort Windstorm and Fort Rainstorm in the forest behind our house. My brother didn’t like the outdoors, so it was just my sister and I, playing outside, one of the few moments where we were normal, just like the other kids.

But we were never meant to be normal.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Early Years.”


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