City Shots

So I got two new lenses for my camera this week for my graduation present which was super exciting! They’re so nice. So I went into Seattle to take some pictures with one of the new lenses. As much as I love nighttime city shots I don’t normally do it because its late at night when I want to go to sleep and then I have to drive into the city and find parking. Anyway I went that night and man did I luck out with a truly amazing sunset and a great blue hour after sunset. I didn’t get home till like 11:30 but it was so worth it! Hopefully this summer I will get myself out into the city more at night, despite my desires to sleep!

Over the last few months I personally think I’ve been getting a lot of good shots which has been really great for me. Sometimes I think that I can only create good art, whether its photos or poetry, when i’m surrounded by the demons. I absolutely love photography and I’m pretty happy with the improvement in my skills and my ability to still take good shots, even when I’m feeling good.

Haha this is kind of a braggy post. I don’t want it to sound that way, but if it does, deal with it. 😛 
Tips stuff-01763
Tips stuff-01783 Tips stuff-01786


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