Aurora’s, Barely any sleep, lots of work, and a scary trip

Haha, well that’s an interesting title. In case you cant tell I’m about to go on a stream of consciousness.

First order of business: You may have heard it on the news if you live in some of the northern states but there were auroras last night, so I was up all last night shooting them from 10:30-3. I’ve seen them probably 4-5 times here in washington, while they arent common they aren’t exactly super rare either. But last night’s show was amazing, the best I have ever seen. Here are some pictures.

tips-01878 tips-02102 tips-02206 tips-02221

So because of the beautiful auroras I got like 4 hours of sleep so I’ve been super tired all day. Today was a super busy day which didn’t help the tired situation at all. I had to buy a coupe new t-shirts before my trip. then I had work from 1-6. Considering I woke up at 10:30 I didn’t really have a ton of time. I was going to see my therapist too from 12-1 but luckily she let me cancel last minute which helped a little bit with my stress. This evening I’ve pretty much just been getting ready to pack and messing around on the internet. 😛

Anyway tomorrow I leave for Salt Lake City for freshman orientation on Thursday and Friday and I am scared shitless. There are going to be lots of people and I am going to have no idea who they are and I honestly don’t know how to make friends. I’ve been at a very small private college prep school for the last 7 years. I haven’t really interacted with a ton of different people my age. And all the kids at my school were super dorky, just like myself, so I don’t really know what most people my age talk about and how to talk to them…it sounds really lame but its true. I’m just pretty scared for the whole thing. Also I’m really nervous about going to a big school cause i’ve been to a small school for so long. Gah im screwed, it’s going to be so awkward and crappy.


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