I made a friend, I CANCELED THE PRINTS, and I feel my self slipping

The life updates saga continues

I forget if I told you guys in the last post and im too lazy to check so im just gonna explain it here. I made a friend at Freshman orientation, she’s pretty nice and from Salt Lake which is nice because i’ll know a local. We facebook messaged practically all day on Sunday and have literally been sending over 100 snapchats each day yesterday and today to each other chatting about stuff. It’s nice that i’ll be friends with someone already when I get there.

In my last post I talked about how I was trying to cancel an order of prints that I had ordered on Thursday. LUCKILY I was able to cancel them but I wasn’t able to place a new order with my prints until Sunday night and I was trying to get the prints in before the 4th of july because the place that I am displaying them in has a big open house on the 4th and the town has a big parade. They might get here in time they might not…I don’t know. Gah!

And I am beginning to feel myself slipping back into a depressive episode. It’s not bad so far I just don’t really want to be around people as much as I had over the last month. I’m feeling a lot more meh than happy like I was before and I’ve been beginning to get some waves on loneliness and sadness so yeah I think I’m headed back into a depressive episode…being manic for a week and normal around that was nice while it lasted…

btw my student peeing post when I said it was fantastic it was complete sarcasm…just wanted to make that clear.


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