Suicidal friend update

Hey everyone, thank you all for your comments yesterday, it mean’t a lot!

My mom and I got coffee with her mom to tell her what was going on and to try and come up with a plan to get her the help that she needs. I am going to be taking her to my meds person this week to get her a consultation and her mom will be keeping a bit more of a watchful eye on her so hopefully she will start to get a little bit better but at least she will have a couple more people keeping an eye on her. I am still so scared she is going to do something. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if she did something. I just want to instantly make her feel better.

I hope all my american followers had a fantastic independence day! I didn’t do much because I was spending time with my friend. I did she a parade in one of the cute small farming towns in the valley down my hill but besides that I didnt see any fireworks or anything because I was keeping my friend busy watching TV.

Like I sad a few posts ago ive been slipping back down into depression this week. I’m really scared that the meds aren’t working anymore because I thought they finally were and that I had a solution. I’m really hoping it passes soon or something. I’m just so tired and numb right now at times. It’s not nearly as bad as what its been but it sucks considering I was feeling so great over the last couple of months and I thought i’d finally had an answer and a solution.

Also happy anniversary to my blog, wordpress alerted me that I started this blog exactly 2 years ago. Wow, I’ve come a ways since then but i still have so much further to go. Love you all!


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