How My Depression Made Me Who I Am: Coping Entry 1.5

Amazing piece from Paul Falcone over at Dear Hope. His “Coping” series has made me want to try and put together my story for a while now. Although I haven’t done it yet I will hopefully start that soon. Well written and a very inspiring story Paul. Keep up all the amazing work that you are doing!

Dear Hope

Growing up my father used to ask me almost daily what my life story was. To make conversation sometimes on the phone or at the dinner table, in bouts of silence, he would shout “So son, tell me your life story!” which in turn would prompt me to say: “My life story? It’s nothing special.”

And now 21 years later I realize I never once honestly answered his question. Granted he knew most of my life, I never told him the story from my point of view.

I never answered the question for him, or myself, the one thing that truly matters;

Who am I?

To answer this I think I have to start as early as I can remember.

Me on the right with my brother Kevin.

Growing up as a child I was very fortunate to have two parents who cared for me and loved me. I’m…

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