The loves of my life

The lovely Victoria over at The Emptied Notebooks made me realize that I have never posted any pictures of my dogs on here. They are pretty much my favorite things in the world and I am going to be so so so so so sad when I have to leave them to go to college. 😦

Both of them are Portuguese Water Dogs.
This is Juneau, she’s 3 3/4 years old. We call her our cute little shit because she loved to get into stuff when she was a puppy and was always so guilty looking about it. She looked so cute whenever she was guilty and she knew that she was cute when she was doing it. 😛

image1 (2)

image2 (1)

She likes getting her ears rubbed, she’ll lean her whole head into it.

This is Tilly, she is 11 and a half. She is nicknamed The Old Matriarch because she runs the household, she gets whatever she wants, and she is incredibly graceful and has PERFECT posture, it’s ridiculous. She looks kind of pissed in this picture that I just snapped with my phone but she is pretty happy and energetic for an 11 and a half year old dog. She was not happy when we first got Juneau but she has grown to love her a lot.
image3 (1)

I think I’ll be posting a lot more pictures of them in the future, my love bugs!


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