Moved in

Hello all, it’s been a few days since I’ve posted. Thats because I’ve been busy moving into college. First the packing, then the 12 hour road trip, then the actual moving in, then the getting other stuff that I think I need part of the whole adventure.

So far my roommate is nice, he is from Shanghai. In my dorms we don’t have communal bathrooms but rather we have a suite style dorm so 2 dorm rooms share a bathroom…I haven’t met my suite mates yet and i’m quite scared to do it and I dont know how to go about it. Im quite the awkward butterfly. I actually hear someone in the bathroom right now but I dont want to go in there and be like oh hey I know you’re in here so im going to say hi. Also to introduce myself do I knock on their hallway door or knock on the door through the bathroom. ugh I hate this. Also I have so far made 2 friends, made one friend during orientation who introduced me to her other friend. Problem is they both live off campus so I’m just awkwardly alone in the dining hall and stuff.

Bah this sucks.


2 thoughts on “Moved in

  1. It’s probably not the same but when I started college (in the UK) , I’d start most conversations asking what subjects they were talking and then go from there. I’d pretty much just ask questions and try and turn them into conversation

    • Yeah thats about the same here, problem is I haven’t really run into that many people and cant really say hi. If im in a conversation I can ask questions okay…its the whole introducing and talking in the first place that is difficult.

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