On a dime

It’s amazing how I can just change from chilled and relaxed (for my standards) to full on panic on a dime.

So I’m taking this painting class for first semester and I thought, oh yeah I can do this…I suck at drawing and painting but it’s an intro class so maybe I can get good at it. Maybe because my photography has come so far since i’ve last drawn and painted then maybe I can do it now.

I’ve been cool and collected like this all week and this weekend we have an assignment to do a charcoal drawing of something white with a single light source. Well luckily I didnt use the paper the professor gave us first because I tried, and failed miserably, to draw a mug on a piece of paper with charcoal. I then tried to draw a mug based off of the following tutorial

image1 (3)

UGH ITS AWFUL! What was I thinking, I cant pass this stupid class! fuck.


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