Hoping to get lucky with lithium

Just a brief update because I’m wickedly depressed, exhausted, and I have zero creativity or anything right now.

Home from college for a week on fall break which has been filled with various doctors appointments. I’ve had 6 of them. My doctor decided to drop the abilify because it wasn’t helping and put me on lithium on top of the lamictal to see if that helps. I’ve heard pretty good things about lithium and it seems to work pretty well for most people. I have heard some horror stories about lithium toxicity though…Already had 1 blood test and will need to have at least 1 more when I get back to school which sucks…I don’t like blood tests.

Have any of you guys been on Lithium? Did it work?

I really hope this lithium works, I need it to work. I don’t know how much longer I can take this. I’m sick of the depression, I’m sick of all the meds, I just need something to work.


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