Oh, thats just fantastic

Just a quick little rant here. Just got done with a math exam that I probably failed. What really sucks is that I studied for it and thought I knew the stuff and was feeling confident…apparently not. I failed the last exam too which brought my grade down 11% so I needed to do well on this exam so there would be less pressure for the final which is worth way more, but no I had to fuck it up! FUCK!

I’m so screwed 😦


2 thoughts on “Oh, thats just fantastic

  1. Sounds lame but I can relate to the pain. Difference is I’ve been putting off my exam – either way it’s a lose lose situation. I’ve been too lost to knuckle down and learn.

    • I’m sorry 😦 math exams are the absolute worst! I never do well but man I needed to do well on this exam. Haha thanks! Maybe I can luck out and do well on the final in a month! Sending you good learning vibes!!!

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