Obsessing over finances

Today I have moved on from obsessing over my math exam to obsessing over finances. During my last year of High School I had a well paying job so I had a good source of income and could afford things like nice cameras and stuff like that. Well I don’t have a job in college and its taken me the first few months to realize that. Since I’ve been in college I’ve spent about $700 dollars on food, a shit ton of coffee from a cafe by my dorm, and various other expenses. I feel so stupid for not realizing how much I was spending earlier. I now only have about $2800 in my bank account. and I had about $3500 in my account at the start of college after an $150 car repair and buying a very expensive camera.

I can’t really get a job second semester cause I should focus on academics but I’m bringing my car down here which means I’m going to have to pay for gas..which is expensive, especially considering how much I like to drive.

Luckily I’m incredibly fortunate and my parents are paying for college and housing and stuff like that but damn I am panicking over the fact that I don’t have enough money saved up. I mean I can totally make it with my finances till summer break I just really don’t want to have that money drop lower and lower. I feel like I don’t have as much money saved up as I should for an 18 year old. Hopefully over Thanksgiving break I can try and figure out what i’m going to do for a summer job.

How much did/do you guys have saved up around 18 years old?


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