I want out

But not in the way you think…yet at least.

This week is a really fucking stressful week and I’m pretty damn depressed. 2 exams, a paper. Other homework assignments on top of that. It’s fun. Anyway I didn’t study enough this weekend and am now paying the price but I still cant focus worth a damn so i’ll probably end up doing poorly, hopefully not failing though, on both exams. And I need straight A’s this semester if I want to have any options down the road…and I need those options really really badly.

I really want to get out of here. I want warmth, I want sun. There is really bad pollution and air quality this week so fresh air would be nice too. I just want to get out and i’m here for another 5 weeks.

I’m so tired, I want to cut really bad, not that much…just a little bit. Maybe i’ll limit myself to just a few scratches. Who knows. Fuck all of this. And of course I’m writing a short little blog post instead of studying, god i’m an idiot.


One thought on “I want out

  1. When this happens a lot of people say “Oh it’s just a grade it doesn’t matter more things matter,” which is true to an extent. What I’m getting at is I don’t want you resorting to getting hurt over them but at the same time I know how important it is to you (as in, being a fellow student/pupil whatever I see how grades are important of course) and therefore I really hope you get metaphorically hit with some Zeus-y powered battery of educational energy. Really, I do. You’ve got this. CRUMPETS. THINK CRUMPETS AND POSH TEACUPS.
    What kind of things are you learning at the moment? Like problem solving stuff or things requiring memory or like, list-y topics?

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