A little life update

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly stressful and frustrating, which is funny because I finished my finals 3 weeks ago.

Someone hit my car while I was road tripping up the west coast and caused $2,600 in damage. If you guys remember from last time someone hit my car (which I refer to as my baby) (same corner) less than a year and a half ago, I was a mess. I held it together until I got home and got the estimate, then I lost it with a full breakdown in front of my family.

As we got the estimate I started obsessively researching things like diminished value, which pretty much said my car had lost a bunch of value because of it, even if it was minor. I also read that because the last time my car got hit wasn’t paid through insurance it wouldn’t show up on a car report but ones through insurance would.

After a few days I got over the whole diminished value thing for the most part as I started getting really angry at the insurance company for not returning any of our phone calls. Eventually they submitted an estimate for my car and they were trying to put 3rd party parts on which pissed me off and is not okay. If it’s getting fixed because of someones fuck up its going to be fixed right.

Finally through public shaming on twitter I got the company to contact me/my father. They pretty much told us they aren’t required to put the official parts on the car and only had to put 3rd party parts on and we would have to pay the difference. They said something about a diminished value claim and my dad filled it out, stating the previous damages and the cost of them. At the bottom of the form it said “[Insurance Company] reserves the right to disclose claim payments for diminution in value to publicly accessible consumer reporting companies.”

Which pretty much means while we are getting about $100 maximum from them now (even though its depreciated way more) now that both accidents will be on car reports, it will be WAY less desirable down the line and will have made us loose way more, probably around $2,000 if we tried to sell it at a dealership. So now I am SO angry about that.

The price difference between the 3rd party parts and official parts was $62 but my dad didn’t want to pay it and instead was focused on getting maybe $100 now, but not realize that he lost $2,000 down the line because he didn’t read the print and was focused on money in the present. So now I am so beyond pissed off at him for that idiocy. If we had just agreed to bay the $62 the car could be already scheduled to get fixed but instead he has to drag this fiasco on for another week probably before we can even schedule to get it fixed.

What i’m angry about too is the fact that once the car is fixed it cant get dirty for 60 days. Thats most of my summer by the time the car finally gets fixed. My plan for this summer was to drive up forest roads and camp out and do night photography and photograph the sunrises but now I cant get my car dirty to do that. FUCK I am so fucking angry. I just want to get it fixed and done with and now we’ve lost so much money and my summer plans are practically ruined all because of someones fuck up. Fuck fuck fuck.

I can’t believe this happened again, it’s been a year and a half. I thought I was done after the first time. Both times it wasn’t my fault. Why my car?


3 thoughts on “A little life update

  1. I’m sorry that you have to go through all of that. Hopefully you’re not hurt. Can any of your friends drive? Maybe there’s a way to still go along with your plans despite everything.
    Hope it all works out (:

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