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You know, after having this blog for a couple of years I should probably write an about me page.

I’m an 19 year old teenage guy residing in the gloomy city of Seattle Washington in the far upper left corner of the USA, but i’m currently studying in Salt Lake City Utah. I take part in multiple activities including, but not limited to, photography, occasional shitty writing, making self depreciating comments, and the typical mood swings that anyone with rapid cycling bipolar 2 deals with.

“Ah thats why he blogs”

Yes I blog because I have Bipolar 2. I have been putting up with this bullshit for about 3 years now but have only recently been diagnosed and have started to get help. I originally started this blog to try and vent a little bit as the intrusive thoughts in my head were driving me insane. I was then also able to meet some other people who were also dealing with mental illness and going through the same crap as I was. Being a teenage guy with a mental illness is incredibly isolating. While having a mental illness in general is incredibly isolating, men especially are supposed to just suck it up and always be strong. That societal standard can make it extremely isolating, at least it does for me. While I still do feel incredibly isolated and alone in this battle, I am finally beginning to come to terms with my diagnosis and am beginning to realize that this is something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. But I will deal with it. There is still a long way to go and plenty of battles to fight with my illness but hopefully I will be able to overcome them.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my scatter brained ramblings that are typically found on this blog.

Bipolar 2 Rapid Cycling
General Anxiety Disorder
OCD/Obsessive Paranoia

Did I miss anything typically found in an about me page? Let me know cause i’m not sure if I left anything out.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. That photo is really cool… and I used to live in Idaho, about 8 hours from Seattle. I miss it up there.

    Sorry if I’m constantly on your blog – I just really like it and your writing! You can be quite inspirational and always nice to read – even just the life updates. Keep writing xx

    • Sweet! Where in Idaho? I love coure de Alene! But that isn’t 8 hours away. I assume you lived in the Boise area? I think that’s about an 8 hour drive from Seattle. 😋 haha not a problem at all! It’s fun to chat with people, I don’t get a ton of comments all the time so it’s nice! Haha in glad my chaos is inspirational! You’re too kind, thank you! 😃

      • In Sandpoint, like 45 minutes from Couer d’Alene. About 60 miles from the Canadian border… we joked about basically living in Canada pretty often. And you’re right, I looked it up and it’s only about 6 hours from Seattle. I suppose it just seemed longer when I was younger…and bathroom stops were quite frequent with three siblings.

        I’ve never actually been to Boise, which is weird considering I lived in ID for 10 years and we travelled a ton. Anyway, I saw from one of your posts that you’re headed home now – have a safe trip! (Don’t speed ;p)

      • Oh ok cool, I’ve never been up there but i’ve heard its beautiful up there! Haha yeah, well it could easily be 8 hours if you get stuck in traffic…traffic is so bad here! Well Idaho is a long state, it takes a while to get down to Boise from there and there isnt much to do in Boise proper. Yup got home yesterday, thank you very much! Ugh don’t remind me…luckily my mom was super chill about it and even offered to pay for it for me.

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