Finding Ways to Belong

Beautiful poem by Pooky, Reminds me a bit of some of the stuff im going through right now.

Pooky's Poems

Fading scars told the world
He was willing and strong,
That in recovery
He’d found ways to belong.
He’d fought hard and survived.
Well he’d tried,
How he’d tried.
But the scars that were fading
Told lie after lie.
He was no longer cutting,
But still no more alive.

Each day was a struggle,
Each heartbeat a chore,
He had hoped when he stopped
That he’d feel something more
Than a nagging resentment
Of good times gone bad,
And a fear he was destined
To always feel sad.
Life was harder than ever
Since he turned it around,
But with help,
He kept trying,
Until peace was found.


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